Plumbing & Heating FAQs

  • Even if your heating and air conditioning system was built to go the distance, it has to be maintained, just like your car. A properly maintained system will last longer with fewer breakdowns and save money every month through lower fuel bills.

    So you haven’t noticed any problems with your heating and air-conditioning system? If you don’t regularly change the oil in your car, you won’t notice problems caused by lack of maintenance until the engine stops running, either. The price of an oil change is much cheaper than the cost of a new engine! The same is true with your heating and air conditioning system. You may not notice the little problems in the short run – but they will always catch up with you in the long run and it costs a lot more to wait.

    Since Interior Plumbing & Heating specializes in helping homeowners get the best performance possible from their heating and air conditioning systems through regular preventive maintenance, we know – and our customers know – Preventive Maintenance works.

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