Lennox’s Best Air Conditioning Unit Offered at IPH

Lennox’s Best Air Conditioning Unit Offered at IPH

With summer just around the corner in the BC interior, it’s time to start thinking about keeping your home comfortable and cool. The best solution? An air conditioning unit that provides perfectly cooled air, is so energy efficient that it saves you money, and operates quietly, even when it is 39°C outside.

 Lennox XC25 Air Conditioner

Lennox is known around the globe for their home comfort systems. With a robust product lineup including air conditioners and furnaces, Lennox has many options to keep your home comfortable. One air conditioner in particular is recognized as the best air conditioning unit available: the Lennox XC25 Air Conditioner. Here are a few reasons why:

Precise Comfort™ Technology

Standard air conditioners (or one-stage air conditioners) are either on or off, meaning they have only one speed, regardless of the temperature in your home. Then there are two-stage air conditioners, that typically have a low speed for energy efficiency and a high speed for hot days.

Rather than a one-stage or two-stage air conditioner, Lennox created a technology that allows for adjustments ranging from 35% to 100% output: the Lennox Precise Comfort™ technology.  Using variable-capacity operation, the Precise Comfort™ technology can continuously supply perfectly cooled air and can maintain your set temperature to within half a degree.

In addition to the Precise Comfort™ technology, the XC25 Air Conditioner has humidity settings as part of its ClimateIQ technology feature. With options ranging from ‘Dry’ to ‘Moderate’ to ‘Humid’, the system will be able to either increase or decrease dehumidification at your desire.

Energy Efficient

Besides keeping your home cooled to within half a degree, the XC25 Air Conditioner boasts cutting-edge energy efficiencies. In 2019, this air conditioner was rated as one of the Most Efficient ENERGY STAR certified products. Choosing the XC25 Air Conditioner for your home not only helps prevent greenhouse gas emissions but can also save you hundreds of dollars in utility costs each year.

Our Recommendation

We love the Lennox XC25 Air Conditioner because of its precise temperature control, energy efficiency, and humidity control. The best part? At 50% quieter than a standard air conditioner, you’ll hardly know it’s there.

Call IPH today to get your free in-home estimate for the Lennox XC25 Air Conditioner. We are the Lennox Premier Dealer in the Kamloops area and have been helping British Columbians stay comfortable in their homes for over 70 years. You can trust our skilled technicians to get the job done right.