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Heating Services

Interior Plumbing & Heating is a premier provider of heating services for locals. Whether you need furnace repair in Kamloops or are looking for someone to upgrade your heat pump, the IPH team is well equipped for the job. We can do everything from tuning up the boiler in Kamloops home to replacing a furnace filter in Kamloops office buildings.

Our team of professional technicians has more than 70 years of experience offering HVAC services and furnace repair in Kamloops and the surrounding regions. We pride ourselves on providing honest, affordable heating services to customers in both commercial and residential settings.

The Interior Plumbing & Heating team provides a comprehensive list of heating services, including the following:

  • Furnace tune-up
  • Furnace repair
  • Furnace installation
  • Furnace filter replacement
  • Heat pump tune-up or repair
  • Heat pump installation
  • Gas fitting
  • Indoor air quality checks
Furnace Repair Kamloops

Keep Your Furnace in Tiptop Shape

Change your filters

The furnace filter in Kamloops homes should be changed on a regular schedule. We recommend quarterly checks to ensure your furnace is working correctly. Most furnace filters should be changed about twice per year, but some may need more frequent maintenance, depending on the activity in your home.

Keep the furnace area clear

Keeping the area around your furnace clean and unobstructed is a must. Do not store combustible materials such as paint thinners, gasoline and other, near your furnace. Do not have anything combustible within six inches of your vent pipe. Also, be sure to always keep the burner area of your furnace clean.

Call the experts

Furnaces that require services like motor or bearing lubrication should be attended to by a qualified heating technician about once a year. When you call IPHfor furnace repair in Kamloops, our expert technicians will also check things like the fan belt, pressure switch ports, heat exchanger, condensate pump and burner shut down switch to ensure everything is working properly before the cold weather hits.

Keep the registers open

Do not close off more than 20% of the registers and vent covers in your house. Closing all of the registers can cause high resistance and unnecessary heat build up in the furnace. It’s best to keep them open.

Service your boiler

Maintaining a regular schedule of boiler repair in Kamloops homes and businesses is an essential part of keeping your building safe. Faulty boilers can cause massive problems and lead to carbon monoxide poisoning, so regular maintenance checks are a must. Most HVAC companies are extremely busy during the winter months, so we recommend scheduling a service call before the first frost to ensure you are prepared for wintry weather.

Add corrosion inhibitor

Keep your boiler or geothermal heating system clean inside by adding some corrosion inhibitor. Doing this will add years to the life of the system and will improve overall functionality.


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Heating Products

As a Premier Lennox Dealer, Interior Plumbing & Heating recommends Lennox products for your home. Their high quality and energy efficient products will not only help you stay warm but will also reduce your energy costs. Check out the links below to compare different types of Lennox furnaces and heat pumps.

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Compare Lennox Heat Pumps

How a Heat Pump Works - by Lennox

A heat pump may look like an air conditioning unit, but in fact it provides even more functionality. In warm weather, a heat pump will act like an air conditioner by removing heated air from your home. In the cooler seasons, it will reverse and bring heated air into your home. Heat pumps are commonly hooked into a gas furnace, where the heat pump brings in heated air, and the furnace blows that heated air throughout your home.

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