Garbage Disposal

Should I Install a Garbage Disposal?

The experts at Interior Plumbing and Heating do not recommend that you install a garbage disposal unit in your home or business. In our years of plumbing experience, we’ve found that garbage disposals can create a host of plumbing problems. However, if you do have a garbage disposal unit, it is best to keep it maintained and running smoothly to keep potential plumbing issues at bay. IPH technicians are certified and knowledgeable about how to service and maintain your unit.

If you need plumbing, heating, or    AC services, we are here for you

If you need plumbing, heating, or    AC services, we are here for you


How to Keep Your Garbage Disposal in Tiptop Shape

What NOT to put in your garbage disposal

Corn husks, coffee grounds, artichokes, onion skins, celery, and other high-fiber material can clog your disposal. Do not pour fats or cooking oils into your sink. Liquid fats can solidify in cold drainpipes, trap food particles, and clog the drains.

Use cold water

It is best to use cold water — NOT hot water — when you run your garbage disposal unit. Let the cold water run for as long as the motor is running and be sure to avoid overloading the disposal.


De-stink your garbage disposal

Food particles that remain in your disposal can cause odors. Put a combination of ice cubes and lemon peel in the disposal, run it for about thirty seconds, and then run cold water through the disposal. Disposal cleaner or degreaser may help too.

If your disposal is clogged

If your garbage disposal is clogged, turn off the motor and turn off the water. Next, call the service department for assistance. IPH’s team members can help unclog your garbage disposal.